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Sunday, September 12, 2004

5k Playlist

First: Those DAMN VON BONDIES!!!

I've shown them so much love!! I keep selling them to you, my faithful readers. But what do they do? The LET ME DOWN!!

O.K. here's what happened. I bought their latest "Pawn Shoppe Heart" in digital format, a month before it appeared in stores. They promised I'd get a "free digital sampler." Guess what was on this "digital sampler"? Digital Didley-Squat!!!!

I didn't get a DARN thing! Remember.

But, you see, I loved "Pawn Shoppe Heart." I think the Von Bondies are underrated. But guess what!!?? I was on my Rhapsody player and noticed the Von Bondies had an EXTRA TRACK on Pawn Shoppe Heart!!! What the H!

But, of course, just like any great co-dependent, no matter how bad they treat me, I'll keep coming back for more. Especially with songs this catchy.

But just to show those Von Bondies that they can't jerk rock n roll in the real world around without a little bit of a sting, here's the "extra" track:

Von Bondies - Love is Like a Drug.mp3 (2.3 Mbs)

I was browsing Soviet Panda and he turned me on to the Von Bondies Tour Diary, which I somehow missed. Yes, that is my beloved Don Blum who is so funny and witty:

Von Bondies Tour Journal

And here is one of my new favorite Rock n Roll songs EVER!! If you listen to nothing else written here today, listen to this one:

Von Bondies - poison Ivy.mp3 (2.0 Mbs)


So anywho, I ran the CNU alumni 5k on Sept. 11. I can't remember which blogger posed the challenge to write these things down, but here are the songs that I heard whilst my Rio Nitrus was on "shuffle." These songs helped me to my 25th place 33.30 finish. I was the 1st of the slowest in my age group! But I didn't walk once!!

Stellastarr* - Somewhere Across Forever (from Stellastarr*)
Von Bondies - No Sugar Mama (from Lack of Communication)
Richie Havens - Here Comes the Sun (from Resume)
The Hives - B is for Brutus (from Tyrannosaurus Hives)
Nellie McKay - Clonie (from 12 Tack Demo)
Bob Dylan - Gates of Eden (from Live 1965, Manchester bootleg)
B-52s - Downtown (from The B-52s)
The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk (from Tyrannosaurus Hives)
Hank Williams - You Win Again (from Greatest Hits)
Dr. Katz - Andy Kindler - Fighting (click this!! You are welcome Dear Readers!!)

**** Please let me know if any of these songs violate some kinda laws and I will gladly take them down sooner than I already plan to take them down. Disclaimer over.

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