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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm Back

what i'm listen to Right Now: Them - Gloria

I'm back!! I missed you all!

I spent the last week sandwhich'd betwix two hurricanes, Hermine and Gaston. Not a bad way to spend your beach vacation, but it was fun all the same. Sunday was the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I didn't run it mind you. I was there to support Jaime and her dad. They did great and had a blast. I'll post some pictures soon.

Work was waiting for me with a vengeance, but the good news is that I tricked the network nazis to open up real.com for me. Now my Rhapsody player is working in the hippest cubicle in Virginia! I got rnr posters and ticket stubs all over the walls. I have dual 19 inch flat-panels (sys ads get all the best gear). With my Rhapsody player, I have every White Stripes album, Woody Guthrie, Elvis, Shakira, even Steve Martin comedy albums, all at my fingertips. Hippest cube in America is a sad title, but I'll take what I can get.

My autographed Von Bondies poster may now be worth more since Carrie left the band. I say, good riddance. She was the weak link anyway.

I'm loving Pawn Shoppe Heart more and more. The last half is so great it freaks me out and confuses my buttocks. I get to shakin' my fanny so much, one cheek wants to go one way, one cheek the other.

"I got an itch! I call her Posion Ivy!"

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