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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

In case you missed it...

This week on Less Than Perfect (Tuesday, 9:30est on ABC):

Sweet, hardworking, earnest, Claude (Sara Rue), TV news anchorman Will Butler's assistant, has to buy the Christmas presents that Will gives to his staff, and a present for Will's girlfriend. Will wants nothing to do with the whole thing except to sign the cards. She takes her job VERY seriously and goes about finding out perfect gifts for all of Will's staff.

Carl Monari (Will Sasso), the lunchroom worker and neighbor to Claude, has a little too much Christmas spirit for the grinchy Kipp Steadman (Zachary Levi).

Carl LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Christmas and can remember all the good times he had with this father stealing the family Christmas tree. Kipp spent his Christmas' losing Connect Four to the doorman, while his parents sleep off their bender far above 5th avenue.

The snooty, yuppie, Lydia Weston (a delicious Andrea Parker) has a boyfriend for the holidays (Jeb, a guest starring Patrick Warburton - Seinfeld's Putty) that seems to be growing distant as the holidays approach. But she's just paranoid. Jeb can see Claude has a knack for picking out perfect gifts and seeks her advice on what to get Lydia. A scarf is Claude's recommendation.

Will Butler wants to reward Claude's hard work by getting her the perfect Christmas gift. He turns to Claude's best friends from down on the 4th floor, Ramona Platt (Sherri Shepherd) and Owen Kronsky (Andy Dick).

They realize that the offer to advise the bigtime anchorman might mean a boost to their own careers. They begin planning for their big presentation to Will.

After attaching her fresh baked Gingerbread cookies to all the packages, Claude hands them out to Will's employee's. Not usually impressed with their boss' Christmas gifts, they don't pay them much attention, but soon learn that this year Will (actually Claude) picked perfect gifts for all of them. They are very grateful. Especially Lydia who gets a $3500 diamond pendant necklace.

Will's girlfriend (Jenny McCarthy) is not happy at all with Will's gift of a corkscrew.

Lydia's boyfriend Jeb finds out about the diamond gift from "Will", and tells Claude to take back the scarf he bought and to go buy the same thing Will got Lydia, but twice as big.

Ramona and Owen make their pitch to Will. They make a good case, and Will agrees. Their present idea is perfect.

Claude gives a HUGE corkscrew to Jeb. Jeb gives it to Lydia. Lydia doesn't know what the heck to make of it. Neither does Jeb, who thought he was giving a twice as big diamond.

Claude, after feeling so proud that all of Will's staff LOVED their presents, has to swallow her pride and admit she gave the wrong presents to Lydia and Will's girlfriend.

Carl the cafeteria worker gives Kipp a football for Christmas. Kipp asked for a football from his negligent parents, but never got it back in the day. Now he's got it, and he feels the spirit so much, he starts playing football in the cafeteria. He wipes out on a slippery floor embarrassing himself.

Claude, thoroughly humiliated after the present swapping mixup is depressed, but low and behold a dishwashing machine shows up. Her gift from Will (through Ramona and Owen).

Ahhh, the magic of Christmas!

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