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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate Prep

Politics is my football. I love the game. I can't wait for tonight.

In honor of the 1st Pressy debate, here are a few songs with a social conscience.

Joe_Atkinson-Gonna_Have_To(Get Used to It).mp3 (2.4k)

Joe is the lead singer of the King and Caroline. This is sort of a demo version of his arrangement of a song written by a fella named Matthew Cox. He flubs a few words, but it was just a demo thing. Matt sings it completely different. Like a Hank Williams Sr country arrangement.

Matthew Cox - Riding Paul Revere's Horse.mp3 (3.5k)

Matthew Cox* is very proud of this one. He is known for his songs: Been Swearin' Too Often, I Wish I Was a Woman, and Never Made Love.


Gonna Have To by Matthew Cox

I'm steppin' out and I don't know when
I'll be payin' attention again

I dropped my vote, closed the lid
Republican 'cause my daddy did.

You're Gonna Have to (3xs)
Get used to it.

I'm well informed, but I missed the boat
Couldn't follow what the founders wrote.

I'm well intentioned, believed his speech
Thick black lies through thin white teeth


I'm zoning out, I don't know why
I gave this guy here a try

Can't right the wrong, don't fight the curse
This guy's bad, but that ones worse.


Riding Paul Revere's Horse by Matthew Cox

Paying attention as Ari enforced
biting your tongue and watching your words.
"Don't you know this is a time of war?
Check your brain at the door."
You're very well trusted when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

White knuckled galloping gallantly towards
intoxications of enemy swords.
Warnings are caught in the ears of a force
Of who you're trying to warn.
You're easily spotted when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

Carefully sticking to your talking points.
"Mustn't switch streams mid-course."
You can speak softly with thoughts well rehearsed,
but stick to the banal discourse.
You must stay on message when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

Paully's in shackles as Prescott is cursed.
Backwards in Boston, two laterns shown forth.
Telys and faxes and email won't work
So Sammy remember of course
Where you are headed when riding Paul Revere's Horse.

Peace Train is chooglin' long past "All Aboard"
Belching out smoke burning bushes and shrubs.
Blinded by protest the truth you've ignored:
You're revolution is flawed.
Never forget you are riding Paul Revere's Horse.


*I am Matthew Cox

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