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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Hives Cometh

what i'm listening to Right Now: Matthew Cox - Been Swearin' Too Often

Hey, I'm typing this on a laptop, over the wireless connection, through my desktop, and to blogger (and then to you). No wires for me! I'm a part of the wireless age!

Guess what? The Hives are coming! Man this area has changed a bunch in the year and half I've been typing this. I must be doing something right, 'cause here's all these cool bands showing up lately.

November 22nd. Funny thing is, I woulda missed it 'cause I was planning my yearly hunting trip for the three days before Thanksgiving, but now, thanks to Jaime's Birthday, I'm going the two days after Thanksgiving. Just like last year:


Here is something I found on my Rhapsody Player. It's the Friggin' Beach Boys doing "Times They are a Changin"!! It's from some album they did called "Beach Boys Party" It's quite the listen. I liked it. Of course it only cost me $9.95 a month to listen to all these albums today:

The Beach Boys - Party
Rolling Stones - Stripped
Noam Chomsky - New War on Terrorism
Sheryl Crow - Greatest Hits
Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat

I'm buying stock in this Rhapsody crap.

Oh, here's the tune: Beach Boys - Times They Are A Changin'.mp3

See? They sound like they're having a party! Whoopee!

I like parties.


And look what I found whilst hunting for the hunting post:

It's my rundown of Season 2, Episode 34 of "Less Than Perfect". Sara Rue was delightful on the Late Show last night. They moved to Fridays now, so buy a Tivo and set it for Fridays.

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