Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fon blogn birchmere in dc.Nellie mckay n trachtenburg family slideshow players. Showtime=1 hr.

Good nachos. No drums on stage? Maybe little girl plays piano now.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Eric's "Make a Wish" is granted by Spinto Band

So Eric, who booked the A-MAZIN' Spinto Band into Relative Theory last Saturday. He never would normally do this, he claims, but he asked the Spinto Band please sing "Oh, Mandy" twice. He loves that song so much that he would really love it if they could play it twice.

So second to the last song, with the Spinto's leading the slow clapping cheer of "Eric, Eric..." Here he is via cell phone cam.

Eric with Spinto Band Posted by Hello

Eric ona da stage. Posted by Hello

Congrats to Eric who isn't actually dying but deserved his wish anyway.

Spinto Band take over the World

So here is the post about that Super-duper, A-mazin Spinto Band show I saw Saturday. Since I'm typing this, you loyal readers have no doubt noticed, I must not have ridden that sweet-sweet choppa down to the Smoke Out in North Carolina. No, the darn thing just wants to toy with my emotions. I roll off the throttle too fast...sputter-n-die. I roll off the throttle too slow...sputter-n-die. I start it after it's been sitting all night...BOOM, sputter...sputter...sputter...sputter-n-die.

Oh well. Perhaps it's destiny. I had one of the great weekends off all time. I've been saving up to buy a bicycle see, and since I couldn't ride my chopper motorcycle I decided this might be the week I buy my chopper bicycle. So Saturday Jaime and I head to Va. Beach to Conte's Cycle. Now, the original Conte's bike shop is, very literally, a stones throw from the little yellow house in which I'm currently burning a Modern Lovers mix-CD for Jaime. But the Va. Beach store has all the beach-style cruisers that are so cool, so I wanted to see what they had down there, and, I figgered Jaime and I could just stay down that way (after seeing the bike store) and we could share a mint-Oreo Blizzard on the Boardwalk whilst watching the Atlantic do that thing where it splashes water on the sand over and over again.

Long story short....they had a very-slightly used Nirve Inferno ladies model for super-sale price. Long story-even-shorter...I bought a bicycle Saturday and I borrowed Jaime's new bicycle on Sunday.


Oh crud. It's getting late. I have so much to say about the show (Eric singing...Jaime crushing on the Relative theory blogger...The plantain-encrusted salmon I ate at Havana before the show). I'll tell you later. I'm sleepy now.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sam Beam on the Beach

So after the Iron and Wine show, a show in which we all, at Mr. Beam's request, yelled our hello's at the musicians in-laws, who were in the audience with us, I ran into Sam McDonald. Sam is the music writer for the Daily Press newspaper. He informed me of some scuttlebutt about Mr. Beam. His inlaws are from Buckroe Beach, VA and he is hanging out there for the next two days. So if you see a bearded, pasty, indie folkster buskin' on Buckroe's boardwalk, you'll know who it is. Oh who am I kidding, he only wears the beard on stage.

Related: Iron and Wine Tour-blog. "Sic semper tyrannis"

Also Related: I have Beam-on-the-Beach confirmation from Joe "I'm a Cukoo" (although we probably got our info from the same source).


Sam McDonald and I were walking around Relative Theory and he was buying a Handsome Family CD. This man has a good ear so find out about them. I'm going to.

I'm also finding out about the Spinto Band and I can't say enough good things. Saturday! Ending East presents: The Spinto Band!! (I am not affiliated in any way to EndingEast productions. I just like good music. Hell, this man is giving you all these great live shows AND, AND, AND, AND, AND he gives you the mp3's on his site. I dare you.....DARE you to go to EndingEast.com and listen to that mp3 of "Brown Boxes" and then not show up to this show.)

The Spinto Band sing the bestest ironic Atari video game song that I've ever heard. It's called "Japan is an Island" and it's only available on Rhapsody player or over iTunes. But get "Brown Boxes" now at EndingEast.com and show up this Saturday.


Relative Theory Records has a blog. Relative Theory Blog. Be looking for the prema-link 'cause it's a coming.


What the 'ef? Regis and (sweet-sweet) Kelly are going to be in Norfolk Wednesday morning! I gotta record that.

They are going to be on that Gee-normous cruise ship that I was making fun of during Harbor Fest (where I saw Percy Sledge!) the other week (remember Jaime? Remember how we made fun of the cruise ship and then we watched the Koi pond. I love you.)


Monday, June 20, 2005

Iron and Wine Tonight, Bella Lea Soon, Nellie McKay Later

I'm planning on seeing Iron and Wine tonight at the Norva. I hope I don't fall asleep 'cause of all the soft songs and/or I hope my head doesn't explode since the songs are all so amazing. I think his songs live are going to really impress.


Remember Joanna Newsom? I still love that cd!

Oh and I've got tickets to see Nellie McKay (McKai) in Arlington for next Thursday.

Bella Lea is coming back to Relative Theory this Wednesday and after bumping into Eric at the Target on Fathers Day, I have it on good authority that the Spinto Band show coming this Saturday is one to see. Check it if you can.

I'm trying to get my chopper up and running for for a trip to North Carolina this weekend. So if I'm at the Spinto Band show, you'll know I've failed to get the damn thing to idle right.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sound Opinions Debate Coldplay and White Stripes

Listen here to Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times music critics debate the newest Coldplay and White Stripes CD's.

Fun Monday night. I made $3.25 cents in tips singing at Paul's Deli! Man I hope the IRS doesn't read this site!

Whew, my cable was cut at the house. I'm TV and Internet-less at home!! It's almost as if a razor-beaked bird was flying along and sniped it. They are supposed to fix it today (fingers crossed).


Saturday, June 11, 2005


Looking for a summer blazer to wear to my cubicle job leads me to this...

This mannequin is wearing an inside out Franz Ferdinand t-shirt.

Posted by Hello

I quote: "Vintage worn by top brit Bands, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, Athlete, Kaiser Chiefs, Killers etc!!!!" It's my size too!

But does that little button come with it?

This ebay listing makes me want to move to Britain! They are so cool!


P.S. This reminds me you should buy the new Art Brut CD called "Bang Bang Rock n Roll".

"And Yes It Frustrates!"

The first 6 songs on that CD are so wonderful. Just listen to them all in a row. Then track 7 and 8 are...eh...alright (like a Star Wars prequel, the middle of the second act drags a smidge). But then Bad Weekend has that cool line about "Popular Culture...no longer applies to me." And the last two songs a nice little finish.

The first six songs are so perfect together that it's worth it just to hear those all in a row. "Rusted Guns of Milan" is A-MAZING!!!

Art Brut - Rusted Guns of Milan (mostly).mp3 (2.8 Megs)

That's a sampler of a great song. Buy the album to get the rest, and then you'll get to hear "My Little Brother."

I've made no secret of my appreciation of this band. It's def. the best first-half of any CD out this year.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mayor of MacDougal Street and Wesley Willis

Sitting on my porch last night, enjoying a cool beverage, is a great place to finish off a great book I'm so happy I stumbled onto at the local Big-Box booksellers that is attached to Colliseum Mall (just a stones through from the Outback steakhouse). It's called "Mayor of MacDougal Street" by Dave Van Ronk and Elijah Wald.

I loved it so much as to be unexplainable. I'm going to read it again and underline the good parts.

Also, I've been listening to Wesley Willis this morning. I had first heard of him on Sound Opinions radio. When he died they played Rock n Roll McDonalds and I remembered it but didn't pursue any more about who he was, or what was up with this guy who suffered schizophrenia. Until last night. I thought I would type "Rock n Roll McDonalds" into my Rhapsody player and see if that guy was there. He sure was. I started listening and became mesmerized. I've been googling all morning.

Go here to get mp3s of his songs. Full versions of his stuff.

I'll direct link these two. Especially listen close to the lyrics of these. Facinating.

Wesley Willis - Outburst.mp3

Wesley Willis - Sorry That I Got Fat.mp3

This guy is an artist too. He draws these beautiful ball point pen/felt-tip marker on posterboard citiscapes. He seems to be facinated by adverstising slogans. Listen and you'll soon realize how every song ends in a slogan from some company.

I made this one my computer desktop wallpaper. Look at the detail in the bus. He must have painted a bunch of this same scene. Look here and you'll notice the same scene but with even more detail in the background. There are more of his drawings shown here.

Also check out these free mp3s from a Wesley Willis Tribute album. Listen to the Shut Ins version of "Rock n Roll McDonalds" there.

Mateo's Choice

This is a tough question. Elvis or Beatles? Why?


Monday, June 06, 2005

Lightsaber Spoon!

Lightsaber Spoon. (Or Spoonsaber).

Now I have to eat these SugarHoney Smacks.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Exclusive White Stripes on Rhapsody Player

Click this link to hear this playlist of tunes I was listening to this morning. Don't got Rhapsody? Have broadband? Then at least sign up for the 14 day trial to hear the songs. It's so easy to cancel if you don't like it.

Exclusive White Stripes:

"1. Walk On - American Minor
2. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go - Madeleine Peyroux
3. Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Ol' Dirty Bastard
4. C'mon C'mon - The Von Bondies
5. Lack Of Communication - The Von Bondies
6. Blue Orchid - The White Stripes
7. The Nurse - The White Stripes
8. My Doorbell - The White Stripes
9. Forever For Her (Is Over For Me) - The White Stripes
10. Little Ghost - The White Stripes
11. The Denial Twist - The White Stripes
12. White Moon - The White Stripes
13. Instinct Blues - The White Stripes
14. Passive Manipulation - The White Stripes
15. Take, Take, Take - The White Stripes
16. As Ugly As I Seem - The White Stripes
17. Red Rain - The White Stripes
18. I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet) - The White Stripes"


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fon blogn...

Rilo kiley opener "the brunetes" are fun. But im flyn solo tonigt and therefore i am lonley. But i have plenty of time to phone type. Good show so far. Next up is rilo.

Redwalls Rundown

Saw the Redwalls Friday May 27, 2005 at Relative Theory Records. American Minor and 1888 opened the show. I looked adorable.

This show ranked right up there with one of the best shows I've ever seen. Both openers, 1888 and American Minor were great, and the Redwalls did not let me down. Here are some pictures:

K, J and M ready for the show. Posted by Hello

American Minor were a happy surprise as the opener. Check them out as soon as you get the chance. See them live for sure.Posted by Hello

The Redwalls were great. Posted by Hello

I sang all the harmony parts with them (at least for the songs I knew). Posted by Hello

Ohh, Ghost Redwall guitarist! Posted by Hello


Then, exactly as I planned, I left straight from the show to go to West Virginia for the infamous Grandma show that I keep talking about at Paul's Deli every Monday. Good times.

Live at the Grandma Show. Posted by Hello

Grandma is a very friendly audience so there was almost no way I coulda failed, but, I wanted to really blow them away. So I wrote a song for her. You see, the New river is famous for its white water rafting. Well it and the Gauly river meet at this town called "Gauly Bridge" and right across the river from this town is a little town called Jodi. Till just last year the only way to get to Jodi was across the Gauly River on a one-lane railroad trestle bridge that the railroad company left there when they built a new trestle for the trains. People started using the old one and settling the other side of the river (the trestle has finally been replaced with a proper bridge just last year).

Anyway, since Grandma grew up in, and a bunch of my extended family still live in Gauly and Jodi, here is a song that they, of course, loved:

UPDATE 09/11/05: Here's the first 2 minutes from my new CDBaby site.:

Matthew Cox - I'm Sleepin' in Jodi, I Wish I Was In Gauly Bridge.mp3 (3.7 Megs)

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