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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Looking for a summer blazer to wear to my cubicle job leads me to this...

This mannequin is wearing an inside out Franz Ferdinand t-shirt.

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I quote: "Vintage worn by top brit Bands, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, Athlete, Kaiser Chiefs, Killers etc!!!!" It's my size too!

But does that little button come with it?

This ebay listing makes me want to move to Britain! They are so cool!


P.S. This reminds me you should buy the new Art Brut CD called "Bang Bang Rock n Roll".

"And Yes It Frustrates!"

The first 6 songs on that CD are so wonderful. Just listen to them all in a row. Then track 7 and 8 are...eh...alright (like a Star Wars prequel, the middle of the second act drags a smidge). But then Bad Weekend has that cool line about "Popular Culture...no longer applies to me." And the last two songs a nice little finish.

The first six songs are so perfect together that it's worth it just to hear those all in a row. "Rusted Guns of Milan" is A-MAZING!!!

Art Brut - Rusted Guns of Milan (mostly).mp3 (2.8 Megs)

That's a sampler of a great song. Buy the album to get the rest, and then you'll get to hear "My Little Brother."

I've made no secret of my appreciation of this band. It's def. the best first-half of any CD out this year.

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