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Monday, May 09, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson's Funeral Rundown

John Cusack recounts HST's funeral.

Interesting idea going on with this Huffington Post. All kinds of Hollywood types, media types, congress-people etc all posting to this one site. Lots of postings today, but it'll probably taper off really quick. I don't think these folks will be into it after the honeymoon period is over (it only just launched today).

You must hear the Raveonettes new album. It's good. Go watch the video to "Love in a Trashcan" (Go to the Raveonettes site and click the "Videos" link).

If you download the new Rhapsody, go into the "Preferences" window and de-select the "Check for new Media every 60 minutes" button. It was making both my home and work instances crash. New Mando Diao is on there, and it's really good. The new Soundtrack of our Lives is on there and it's pretty good too.


The Redwalls are coming!! Ending East productions is giving me the best birthday present ever! The Redwalls! The day before my birthday, May 27 at Relative Theory. Here's what I'm going to have to do. I have to be in West Virginia for the family reunion the day after this show, Saturday May 28 (This is the same reunion that I keep talking about at Paul's Deli after I sing my country songs. Grandma is expecting a show and I have to be prepared). But I can't miss this show. So I think I'll have to go see the Redwalls (I special requested them way back during the Bella Lea show. I MUST see them!), then I'll drive overnight to grandma's house. I'll rock my Jimmie Rodgers and original country tunes, then I'll worry about getting some sleep. It'll be quite an adventure. I'm getting on in years, but I think I can handle it. Now I have to buy tickets in advance cause I don't want to be screwed out of this show!

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