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Friday, April 08, 2005

Screw this Cubicle, I'm Going to Nashville, part 2

I've had a special request to fill you in on my open mike fun that I talked about last week. I never had more fun in my life! First was the heavy-duty one at Sacred Grounds coffee. I opened with my hit country tune "I'm Supposed to Change, But You Stay the Same", then slowed it down with "Conversations at 99 Main St", and finished with all of our favorite, "Been Swearin". I haven't really sang "You Stay the Same" for strangers and...well, they really, really got into it. I felt proud that they laughed and clapped along.

Lucky for me, good-ole Paul stepped up big time and bootlegged it:

Matthew Cox - I'm Supposed to Change, You Stay the Same.mp3 (2.5 Megs)

Then, on Monday at Pauls Deli, I really had a blast. Pauls Deli is really relaxed, and the open mikers are the last thing on the drunkards minds. This is why I like it. It's like the perfect rehearsal space for the more serious gigs like Sacred Grounds and when I go to visit my grandma in May.

So at Pauls, I take a Andy Kaufman-esque theory up on stage with me. I have goals for each Monday. So this past week, the whole goal was to be really loosey-goosey. I had to sing and play as good as I can but sing songs I don't know all the words too. So I started with "I'm Supposed to Change, You Stay the Same" just to get comfortable. I get all the whoops and hollers like at Sacred Grounds. But then I followed with A Quick One (While He's Away). Yes, the 7 minute who song. I only could remember three of the "songs" that make up the mini-opera, but I played it off good, and rocked it hard with just me and my acoustic. I sang a couple others, and then I sang the Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol! I killed it too! All the drunkards, drinking just feet from one of the oldest Universities in the U.S. had to sit there while I milked, "Bury the Rag deep in your face. Now is the time for your tears." Man I've never, ever sang that song to anybody. Not family, not anybody. But oh do I love it. I only sing it when I'm alone in the house, so it was awesome to do it. I didn't plan too. I was being Loosey-Goosey remember? But I sang what I remembered of "It ain't me babe" and then I, well I just did it. I would give my third nut to have a video of me up there.

Then I finished with my own "When My Ship Comes In" and made everyone sing the chorus with me. Only a couple did, but they actually did! Boy I just charm the pants of people when I turn it on like that!

Whew. Since last week was so good, that must be why this week is giving me an ulcer.

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