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Friday, April 01, 2005


Boy, I'm fightin' a killer head cold here. I feel like those people in the commercials, two fingers pressed against my temples while glowing redness pulsates my sinus cavities.

I've got to get better quick 'cause tomorrow is the big Open Mike performance at Sacred Grounds up in Williamsburg. It starts at 7pm if you wanna come. Come on by just to watch, or if you wanna play too.

This open mike is a big deal because they actually listen at this one. Everyone sits silently and actually listens to what you are singing. It's pretty intimidating, but a great resource because most open mike's are pretty casual affairs. A microphone in the corner of a bar, only the other open miker's listing. This is the big time. It's called an open mike, but all the best players play it so almost every performance is worth watching.

I hope my throat feels better tomorrow, I've got a killer set prepared: I'm Supposed to Change, You Stay the Same; Conversations at 99 Main St.; and Been Swearin' Too Often.

In other performance news, I've been going to Pauls Deli on Monday nights to sing a few songs with a talented songwriter named Paul (not the same Paul as the deli). I'm there around 9:30 so if you see me around, say hi.

PS. You'll also see me in next Tuesdays (April 12) "Life" section of our local newspaper, The Daily Press. I'll be published! I'll talk more about that next week.

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