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Monday, June 27, 2005

Spinto Band take over the World

So here is the post about that Super-duper, A-mazin Spinto Band show I saw Saturday. Since I'm typing this, you loyal readers have no doubt noticed, I must not have ridden that sweet-sweet choppa down to the Smoke Out in North Carolina. No, the darn thing just wants to toy with my emotions. I roll off the throttle too fast...sputter-n-die. I roll off the throttle too slow...sputter-n-die. I start it after it's been sitting all night...BOOM, sputter...sputter...sputter...sputter-n-die.

Oh well. Perhaps it's destiny. I had one of the great weekends off all time. I've been saving up to buy a bicycle see, and since I couldn't ride my chopper motorcycle I decided this might be the week I buy my chopper bicycle. So Saturday Jaime and I head to Va. Beach to Conte's Cycle. Now, the original Conte's bike shop is, very literally, a stones throw from the little yellow house in which I'm currently burning a Modern Lovers mix-CD for Jaime. But the Va. Beach store has all the beach-style cruisers that are so cool, so I wanted to see what they had down there, and, I figgered Jaime and I could just stay down that way (after seeing the bike store) and we could share a mint-Oreo Blizzard on the Boardwalk whilst watching the Atlantic do that thing where it splashes water on the sand over and over again.

Long story short....they had a very-slightly used Nirve Inferno ladies model for super-sale price. Long story-even-shorter...I bought a bicycle Saturday and I borrowed Jaime's new bicycle on Sunday.


Oh crud. It's getting late. I have so much to say about the show (Eric singing...Jaime crushing on the Relative theory blogger...The plantain-encrusted salmon I ate at Havana before the show). I'll tell you later. I'm sleepy now.

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