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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Grandma Sessions

Oh boy. Today is Thursday and that means Jaime is going to her folks to watch the shows. I don't go. I use this time to have the house all to myself and do those things that I don't dare do in front of anyone. Like trying to learn how to play "The Bridge is Over" riff (Boogie Down Productions), and practicing my harmonica (and bad harmonica playing is not something that anyone should have to hear). But I need the practice and time is of the essence because the day I turn 28 (May 28), my grandma wants the yodeling to commence. I've got a George Jones, a few Dylan, a smattering of Hank, and my own.

I have some tunes over there ---> that I want to brag about. If you get bored on day, go listen and post horrible critiques, or don't listen and post blindly loyal accolades. I'm thinking grandma would like "Been Swearin' Too Often", "October Ride" (with the harmonica solo), "I'm S'posed to Change, You Stay The Same", and I've worked up this killer version of "Folsom Prison Blues" where I whoop it up like the train whistle (I sang this for the first time at Paul's Deli Monday-before-last and got tipped 6 bucks from total strangers! My first tip.) Then I got "I'm Begging You To Stay", "Last Time, Last Night" (w/ harmonica). I've gotta work out the set. I've got two weeks to go.

Alright, I'm all alone in the house. I gotta get to work.

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