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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mayor of MacDougal Street and Wesley Willis

Sitting on my porch last night, enjoying a cool beverage, is a great place to finish off a great book I'm so happy I stumbled onto at the local Big-Box booksellers that is attached to Colliseum Mall (just a stones through from the Outback steakhouse). It's called "Mayor of MacDougal Street" by Dave Van Ronk and Elijah Wald.

I loved it so much as to be unexplainable. I'm going to read it again and underline the good parts.

Also, I've been listening to Wesley Willis this morning. I had first heard of him on Sound Opinions radio. When he died they played Rock n Roll McDonalds and I remembered it but didn't pursue any more about who he was, or what was up with this guy who suffered schizophrenia. Until last night. I thought I would type "Rock n Roll McDonalds" into my Rhapsody player and see if that guy was there. He sure was. I started listening and became mesmerized. I've been googling all morning.

Go here to get mp3s of his songs. Full versions of his stuff.

I'll direct link these two. Especially listen close to the lyrics of these. Facinating.

Wesley Willis - Outburst.mp3

Wesley Willis - Sorry That I Got Fat.mp3

This guy is an artist too. He draws these beautiful ball point pen/felt-tip marker on posterboard citiscapes. He seems to be facinated by adverstising slogans. Listen and you'll soon realize how every song ends in a slogan from some company.

I made this one my computer desktop wallpaper. Look at the detail in the bus. He must have painted a bunch of this same scene. Look here and you'll notice the same scene but with even more detail in the background. There are more of his drawings shown here.

Also check out these free mp3s from a Wesley Willis Tribute album. Listen to the Shut Ins version of "Rock n Roll McDonalds" there.

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