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Monday, June 20, 2005

Iron and Wine Tonight, Bella Lea Soon, Nellie McKay Later

I'm planning on seeing Iron and Wine tonight at the Norva. I hope I don't fall asleep 'cause of all the soft songs and/or I hope my head doesn't explode since the songs are all so amazing. I think his songs live are going to really impress.


Remember Joanna Newsom? I still love that cd!

Oh and I've got tickets to see Nellie McKay (McKai) in Arlington for next Thursday.

Bella Lea is coming back to Relative Theory this Wednesday and after bumping into Eric at the Target on Fathers Day, I have it on good authority that the Spinto Band show coming this Saturday is one to see. Check it if you can.

I'm trying to get my chopper up and running for for a trip to North Carolina this weekend. So if I'm at the Spinto Band show, you'll know I've failed to get the damn thing to idle right.

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