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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Redwalls Rundown

Saw the Redwalls Friday May 27, 2005 at Relative Theory Records. American Minor and 1888 opened the show. I looked adorable.

This show ranked right up there with one of the best shows I've ever seen. Both openers, 1888 and American Minor were great, and the Redwalls did not let me down. Here are some pictures:

K, J and M ready for the show. Posted by Hello

American Minor were a happy surprise as the opener. Check them out as soon as you get the chance. See them live for sure.Posted by Hello

The Redwalls were great. Posted by Hello

I sang all the harmony parts with them (at least for the songs I knew). Posted by Hello

Ohh, Ghost Redwall guitarist! Posted by Hello


Then, exactly as I planned, I left straight from the show to go to West Virginia for the infamous Grandma show that I keep talking about at Paul's Deli every Monday. Good times.

Live at the Grandma Show. Posted by Hello

Grandma is a very friendly audience so there was almost no way I coulda failed, but, I wanted to really blow them away. So I wrote a song for her. You see, the New river is famous for its white water rafting. Well it and the Gauly river meet at this town called "Gauly Bridge" and right across the river from this town is a little town called Jodi. Till just last year the only way to get to Jodi was across the Gauly River on a one-lane railroad trestle bridge that the railroad company left there when they built a new trestle for the trains. People started using the old one and settling the other side of the river (the trestle has finally been replaced with a proper bridge just last year).

Anyway, since Grandma grew up in, and a bunch of my extended family still live in Gauly and Jodi, here is a song that they, of course, loved:

UPDATE 09/11/05: Here's the first 2 minutes from my new CDBaby site.:

Matthew Cox - I'm Sleepin' in Jodi, I Wish I Was In Gauly Bridge.mp3 (3.7 Megs)

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