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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sam Beam on the Beach

So after the Iron and Wine show, a show in which we all, at Mr. Beam's request, yelled our hello's at the musicians in-laws, who were in the audience with us, I ran into Sam McDonald. Sam is the music writer for the Daily Press newspaper. He informed me of some scuttlebutt about Mr. Beam. His inlaws are from Buckroe Beach, VA and he is hanging out there for the next two days. So if you see a bearded, pasty, indie folkster buskin' on Buckroe's boardwalk, you'll know who it is. Oh who am I kidding, he only wears the beard on stage.

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Also Related: I have Beam-on-the-Beach confirmation from Joe "I'm a Cukoo" (although we probably got our info from the same source).


Sam McDonald and I were walking around Relative Theory and he was buying a Handsome Family CD. This man has a good ear so find out about them. I'm going to.

I'm also finding out about the Spinto Band and I can't say enough good things. Saturday! Ending East presents: The Spinto Band!! (I am not affiliated in any way to EndingEast productions. I just like good music. Hell, this man is giving you all these great live shows AND, AND, AND, AND, AND he gives you the mp3's on his site. I dare you.....DARE you to go to EndingEast.com and listen to that mp3 of "Brown Boxes" and then not show up to this show.)

The Spinto Band sing the bestest ironic Atari video game song that I've ever heard. It's called "Japan is an Island" and it's only available on Rhapsody player or over iTunes. But get "Brown Boxes" now at EndingEast.com and show up this Saturday.


Relative Theory Records has a blog. Relative Theory Blog. Be looking for the prema-link 'cause it's a coming.


What the 'ef? Regis and (sweet-sweet) Kelly are going to be in Norfolk Wednesday morning! I gotta record that.

They are going to be on that Gee-normous cruise ship that I was making fun of during Harbor Fest (where I saw Percy Sledge!) the other week (remember Jaime? Remember how we made fun of the cruise ship and then we watched the Koi pond. I love you.)

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