Monday, October 31, 2005

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Jaime and her dad updated our ancient fuse box to proper breakers this weekend. I fixed the gaping hole in the ceiling. The Daily Press had their "Music Quarterly" come out. I saw some Van Gogh's at the National Gallery of Aught. I listened to "Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth" three times already this morning.

Here's a good one that they post up on their site:

CYHSY-Over and Over Again (Lost and Found).mp3


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Black Angels Video Downloads

The videos are up and awesome. I especially liked watching "Unknown #2". I kept watching the beginning over and over to see the tambourine player come in and mimic the drum line.

Click Here: relativeDiamond.com and scroll down to the sidebar part titled: "Relative Video"

Killers played during World Series

Congrats to the Sox (Blanco).

I'm up way too late when I have to be at work for a VTC in 6 hours, but the Killers were just played during the credits of the WORLD SERIES. And it wasn't a popular song like Brightside, but some other deep cut. Then they followed it with a Beatles cover and then they finished up with Etta James.

From the Archives:

I discover the killers whilst I roam free in the "Band Only" upstairs area of Richmond's Alley Katz.

SynthPop Elvis? And How!

Favorite mp3 blog ever. Copy, Right.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Knife Song, yousendit tester

Well darn. I get an email about once every 3 months asking me for Milk's - the Knife Song. I've posted it up before and I get google hits all the time for "Knife Song" or "Milk Knife Song". Every once in a while, one of the googlers gets brave enough to ask me to post it again. In the past three days, I've had two seperate requests. It's a good song. Here's the deal on this song:

(From the archives:)

Milk post # 1
Milk post # 2

Well I don't like to post it again because I don't have any web space to share songs now. I used it all up with my own vanity projects.

But here goes the first test of using yousendit.com. We'll see how it goes. This if for you Huy Nguyen:

Milk - The Knife Song.mp3


Monday, October 24, 2005

The Arrogants mp3s/Concretes on Target Ad

The Arrogants have been hitting all the blogs and they finally got around to asking me to listen to thier songs. They were pretty darn good actually so i'm linking them up. They got their first full link coming out yesterday (with DVD footage apparently) so if you like it, you can buy it and get more for your money. It's priced at seven fifty plus ship. at tweekitten.com:

Check it: The Arrogants mp3s


The pretty girl voice makes me think of how Jaime found out about a cool band called the Concretes:

Dear Target Guest,

It's great to hear you liked our newest commercial and want to learn more about the music we featured.

The song featured in our Design For All campaign is called "Say Something New" by The Concretes.

Have questions or want more information about our stores, products or service? Give us a call at (800) 440-0680. You can also check with a team member at the Guest Services Desk of your local Target store, or visit us on Target.com. Either way, we're here to help!

Thanks for shopping with us. We'll see you again soon at Target.


Target Guest Relations


They have a pretty cool album that came out earlier this year with a collection of their B-sides. It's called Layyourbattleaxedown (It's on Rhapsody if you want to hear it right now).

Steve Martin

Steve Martin got the Mark Twain something or other last night. It'll be on PBS Nov. 9th.

Steve Martin audio interview on Fresh Air.


Read a great, short essay written by Steve Martin:

Times Roman Font Announces Shortage of Periods


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Black Angels Drone Machine Girl

She sold me a tee shirt.

I really liked the show. I was trying to tell Jaime to watch the drone machine girl. I tried to explain how I needed a cute girl to drone for my own drone-speriments (like my Art Brut 3.14 franchise):

Formed a Band.mp3

I Am, I Am.mp3


They had a sweet slide show projection behind their heads, and I was going to take a cell phone picture para mi weblog, but then they were done. 5 songs and out. Not to bad actually. I was able to get back over the bridge in time to see Franz Ferdinand on SNL (why didn't they sing the song that made all us bloggers swoon: Darts of Pleasure)

Ooo, I just know Relative Theory will have the videos up on their site soon enough.

PS It was kinda funny, because the cute guy at Relative Theory that Jaime has a crush on cut his hair, and she was disappointed. The last few times we went over there and that guy was there, Jaime was seriously staring at him like she used to stare at me once upon a time (and how I was staring at the drone machine girl). So thanks to that hair cut, she didn't ignore me as much as normal. Although, she thought they "got to loud at the end".

"What?" I replied.



Friday, October 21, 2005

More strokes songs? Dunno about these.

I had a theory that with the popularity of itunes, the music format that apple is pushing (the m4* thing) would over take the popularity of mp3. I wonder if it's starting to happen when I stumbled onto these new Strokes leaks in m4a format. That Ipod culture is taking over.

My Rio is dying. I've had a good year and a half and i'm think of getting something else. I don't really like iPods ('cause they don't play wma) and since I'm a big fan of the the subscription model, I'm leaning toward the Creative Zen Micro which is supposed to play subscription tracks on it! That sound neat.

Anywho, these strokes songs are interesting, but they aren't as good as juicebox (which you can download from iTunes anytime you're ready. It's also on Rhapsody. Search for it. It's there.)


Sound Opinions has some killer stuff on their Audio archives right now. Album reviews, and some killer live stuff from Wilco, Granddaddy, The Redwalls, Super Furry Animals and more.

Click Here
(real player stream): Stew of the Negro Problem.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Black Angels are Coming To Town. Listen Now.

Oh man do I love the drone rock! I really do. I'm one of those. I'm the guy that listened to "The Gift" by the Velvet Underground three times Saturday night (once with the right side speaker unplugged so I could listen to the music by itself).

and I love LOVE the Warlocks with a fiery passion.

This ain't druggy music either mind you. I'm straight. I've never done an illegal drug in my life. I just dig the drone rock.

I dig the sound of the Velvet Underground a second time around, so to speak.

Relative Theory is bringing The Black Angels this Saturday to Norfolk, VA. Oct 22. I cannot wait.

Listen to the track Relative Diamond posted up.


From my weekend:

On the way to the Blue Star Diner... cute, but the kid should really have eye protection. Posted by Picasa

The Blue Star Diner, three streets over from mine. It's like a time warp. Posted by Picasa


Sunday, October 16, 2005

I wanna make sweet, sweet love to you all. Posted by Picasa

The Magic Number Video!!

Oh, sweet mama! My Magic Numbers obsession is growing by leaps and bounds after someone sent me an email with links to the video for their song "Forever Lost". I clicked on the link, and it was great! I am really, really digging this band. You must, MUST watch it:

Magic Numbers - Forever Love video (Windows Media)

Magic Numbers - Forever Love video (RealOne)

Magic Numbers - Forever Love video (Quicktime)


Friday, October 14, 2005

Spinto Band Interview in mptres

Totally awesome find by RNRNRW operative Paul.

37 minute mp3 of an interview with the Spinto Band (well, two Spintos at least). One of the best CD's of the past 5 years people.

Click the picture in this post to download the mp3.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Parliament on PBS

Did you see it? It was AWESOME!! I recorded it. "I can feel the mothership coming!"

It was great.

And there was this great NOVA on before it about E=mc^2 of which this year is the 100th anniversary. You see, once upon a time people thought time was constant, but it turns out that it isn't. The speed of light is a constant however. So, if that's true, then if Mateo of RNRNRW were blogging at the speed of light then time would have to slow down.

This is the Theory of Special Relativity. This leads Einstein forward to thinking that nothing can ever travel faster than the speed of light. If that's true, then as an object (which has a certain mass) travels at the speed of light, it would exert energy trying to go faster. But, of course, nothing can go faster than the speed of light. So where would that extra energy go?

Einstein figures that that extra energy would be converted to mass! The object would GAIN MASS! Holy Canoli! That means mass can be converted into energy and vice versa! Wow!

So, therefore, Energy is created if you move a Mass at the speed of Light squared. Duh.

But seriously, how can the speed of light be constant if time slows down as you approach said speed? Time is relative, so the very definition of the "speed of light" is false. If time slows as an object travels faster and faster approaching the speed of light, then the so-called "speed of light" can't be a constant! Speed is a measurement of distance traveled over a certain time. If the speed of light in a vacuum is 300 m/s (give or take), but the "second" in this equation is defined by men....you know what! None of that even matters because a "second" of time is just an arbitrary measurement anyway. There is no time except what humans have defined based on the environmental characteristics of the earth...the earth rotates so many days...atoms wiggle in certain way and we call it time.

jeez. Knowledge just leads to more questions don't it?


Monday, October 10, 2005

Did FliP drop Oct 9???

Did FLiP drop today as I was promised?

I read the local paper this morn, but I don't remember seeing FLiP. Was it in there and I didn't notice it? I'm about headed to bed and I just remembered it was s'posed to be here today (and the paper is out in the recycle bin). Should I go dig through the bin to find it? Was it there?

I know the 50% off any single purchase at Michaels Arts and Crafts coupon was there, and I remember trying to figure out the Sodoku puzzle that they added, but I don't think I saw FLiP. Maybe I just didn't notice it.

UPDATE: The story of Flip: "The Daily Press Board of Directors made a last-second decision to kill FLiP, which was originally slated to launch yesterday. Putting out a new section just seemed too risky -- or so the BoD says. We were less than three weeks from going to press when they made the decision. Lots of people, including myself, are pretty bummed out about this. FLiP would've been the culmination of almost two years of work, and lots of it.

Don't worry, though. We're planning to fold a lot of the content that would've ended up in FLiP into our regular Lifestyles sections."

Parliament - Live in the Year of Your Authors Birth

There will be a document on Parliament Funkadelic on PBS this Tuesday at 10pm! I'm gonna take it Ole School and set my VCR.

You know I've held Bootsie's hand in my own. I'm a classy gentleman so I won't go into details, but it's true.

Pre-internerd I had to spend hours in the music store searching for cool CD's. I stumbled onto this Live Parliament CD recorded in the year of my birth. I used to find post its on the door of my Mountain Vista appt door: "Please don't play music so loud in the morning." Sorry mystery post-it person.

Anywho, if you don't "get" the whole Parliament deal, then just listen to this Rhapsody playlist and you'll see (And watch the show this Tues):

Parliament - Live in the Year Your Authors Birth:

1. Children Of Productions
2. Mothership Connection (Star Child)
3. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Identity Crisis

Whoever he is, he's not him.

They printed this in my local paper this morning.


Monday, October 03, 2005

New Strokes Song

Holy crizzap! I'm am Ef-Ar-EAKING out!! I finally stumbled on a link that works!

I think it's perfect. He's really singing out, and Nikolai is taking front and center.

Give it three listens and tell me otherwise. I dare you.

Strokes - Juicebox.mp3 via BadmintonStamps.com

"Why Won't You Come Over He-ahh?"

Delta Blues Making a Comeback

from the onion:

Delta Blues Poised for Biggest Revival Since 1915

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