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Friday, October 21, 2005

More strokes songs? Dunno about these.

I had a theory that with the popularity of itunes, the music format that apple is pushing (the m4* thing) would over take the popularity of mp3. I wonder if it's starting to happen when I stumbled onto these new Strokes leaks in m4a format. That Ipod culture is taking over.

My Rio is dying. I've had a good year and a half and i'm think of getting something else. I don't really like iPods ('cause they don't play wma) and since I'm a big fan of the the subscription model, I'm leaning toward the Creative Zen Micro which is supposed to play subscription tracks on it! That sound neat.

Anywho, these strokes songs are interesting, but they aren't as good as juicebox (which you can download from iTunes anytime you're ready. It's also on Rhapsody. Search for it. It's there.)


Sound Opinions has some killer stuff on their Audio archives right now. Album reviews, and some killer live stuff from Wilco, Granddaddy, The Redwalls, Super Furry Animals and more.

Click Here
(real player stream): Stew of the Negro Problem.

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