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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Knife Song, yousendit tester

Well darn. I get an email about once every 3 months asking me for Milk's - the Knife Song. I've posted it up before and I get google hits all the time for "Knife Song" or "Milk Knife Song". Every once in a while, one of the googlers gets brave enough to ask me to post it again. In the past three days, I've had two seperate requests. It's a good song. Here's the deal on this song:

(From the archives:)

Milk post # 1
Milk post # 2

Well I don't like to post it again because I don't have any web space to share songs now. I used it all up with my own vanity projects.

But here goes the first test of using yousendit.com. We'll see how it goes. This if for you Huy Nguyen:

Milk - The Knife Song.mp3

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