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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Black Angels Drone Machine Girl

She sold me a tee shirt.

I really liked the show. I was trying to tell Jaime to watch the drone machine girl. I tried to explain how I needed a cute girl to drone for my own drone-speriments (like my Art Brut 3.14 franchise):

Formed a Band.mp3

I Am, I Am.mp3


They had a sweet slide show projection behind their heads, and I was going to take a cell phone picture para mi weblog, but then they were done. 5 songs and out. Not to bad actually. I was able to get back over the bridge in time to see Franz Ferdinand on SNL (why didn't they sing the song that made all us bloggers swoon: Darts of Pleasure)

Ooo, I just know Relative Theory will have the videos up on their site soon enough.

PS It was kinda funny, because the cute guy at Relative Theory that Jaime has a crush on cut his hair, and she was disappointed. The last few times we went over there and that guy was there, Jaime was seriously staring at him like she used to stare at me once upon a time (and how I was staring at the drone machine girl). So thanks to that hair cut, she didn't ignore me as much as normal. Although, she thought they "got to loud at the end".

"What?" I replied.


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