Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Cleanup & Walmart Music Service

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Warlocks, Pheonix Album - Hurricane Heart Attack

Whew! I cleaned up this Christmas! I can't wait to play with all my new toys, and listen to all my new CD's!

Just wanted to let ya'll know that my former employer, the evil Wal-mart is selling songs for 88 cents! In wma (Microsoft) format. Read Wired.com's article on it.

totally web-based too. Just go to their website.

Walmart is taking over the world. But don't worry, they'll only be around another 50 years or so. January 1st begins the first year of my 50 year Walmart elimination plan. So don't worry, I'll put an end to them


Saturday, December 20, 2003

White Stripes cover Blind Willie McTell

Here are some MP3's of the performances from the White Stripes Live on the World Cafe:

UPDATE MARCH 11, 2004: I've Removed the Songs from the site. I needed the space for some other things. If you're hurtin' to get a-hold of these songs, then email me, and I'll try to help.

VERY TEMPORARY!! BE CAREFUL DIRECT LINKING!! I'm just a small time blogger here!

Talkin' 'bout Detroit Bands.mp3 (no mention of Von Bondies)

White Stripes - Lord Send Me An Angel (A Blind Willie McTell cover)

White Stripes - I Wanna Be the Boy To Warm Your Mothers Heart.mp3

Talkin' 'bout Loretta Lynn.mp3 ("Sounds Like Someone Robbin' a Bank")

White Stripes - Mr. Cellophane.mp3 (Chicago the Musical cover)

Origin of Big Three Killed My Baby.mp3 ("What if I was Gay? Would you love me anyway?")

And I permalinked my own voice in my sidebar OVER THERE -->


Friday, December 19, 2003

White Stripes Live on World Cafe Radio

The White Stripes are supposed to be on World Cafe, the public radio show this weekend.

My local Public Radio station is about to start it in about 5 minutes.

Listen for it this weekend on your local Public Radio Station. I'll let you know if it's any good.

It was probably recorded before the Jason Von Bondie incident, so we won't get any dirt on that. Darn it.

Listen Live if your reading right now: WHRV Norfolk Live Stream

Bring a Smile to a Bloggers Pale, Pimply Face

what i'm listening to Right Now: Pavement - Summer Babe

Amazon Wish List Quick Reference:

Anise's Wishlist: Help fulfill Anise's Big Lebowski obsession (One of favorite movies Too!!).

Soviet Panda's Wishlist: Soviet Panda really, really wants Franz Ferdinand. He is not alone. Amazon doesn't have it. I want it Also!! If you know where we can get it email me, and I'll buy it for him (and me).

Miss Modernage's Wishlist: Miss Modernage Has So Much. Still Wants More. Can't blame her. It's the American Way. You love America don't you? Support America by buying Miss Modernage some more White Stripes CD's.

Catherine's Wishlist: I'd tell you to buy something for Catwoman.pita.com, but EVERYTHING on her list is "Unavailable." It's gonna be nothing but tube socks for her this Christmas.

Keyofe's Wishlist: And, of course, my own wishlist.

5.5 Days and Counting!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

In case you missed it...

This week on Less Than Perfect (Tuesday, 9:30est on ABC):

Sweet, hardworking, earnest, Claude (Sara Rue), TV news anchorman Will Butler's assistant, has to buy the Christmas presents that Will gives to his staff, and a present for Will's girlfriend. Will wants nothing to do with the whole thing except to sign the cards. She takes her job VERY seriously and goes about finding out perfect gifts for all of Will's staff.

Carl Monari (Will Sasso), the lunchroom worker and neighbor to Claude, has a little too much Christmas spirit for the grinchy Kipp Steadman (Zachary Levi).

Carl LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Christmas and can remember all the good times he had with this father stealing the family Christmas tree. Kipp spent his Christmas' losing Connect Four to the doorman, while his parents sleep off their bender far above 5th avenue.

The snooty, yuppie, Lydia Weston (a delicious Andrea Parker) has a boyfriend for the holidays (Jeb, a guest starring Patrick Warburton - Seinfeld's Putty) that seems to be growing distant as the holidays approach. But she's just paranoid. Jeb can see Claude has a knack for picking out perfect gifts and seeks her advice on what to get Lydia. A scarf is Claude's recommendation.

Will Butler wants to reward Claude's hard work by getting her the perfect Christmas gift. He turns to Claude's best friends from down on the 4th floor, Ramona Platt (Sherri Shepherd) and Owen Kronsky (Andy Dick).

They realize that the offer to advise the bigtime anchorman might mean a boost to their own careers. They begin planning for their big presentation to Will.

After attaching her fresh baked Gingerbread cookies to all the packages, Claude hands them out to Will's employee's. Not usually impressed with their boss' Christmas gifts, they don't pay them much attention, but soon learn that this year Will (actually Claude) picked perfect gifts for all of them. They are very grateful. Especially Lydia who gets a $3500 diamond pendant necklace.

Will's girlfriend (Jenny McCarthy) is not happy at all with Will's gift of a corkscrew.

Lydia's boyfriend Jeb finds out about the diamond gift from "Will", and tells Claude to take back the scarf he bought and to go buy the same thing Will got Lydia, but twice as big.

Ramona and Owen make their pitch to Will. They make a good case, and Will agrees. Their present idea is perfect.

Claude gives a HUGE corkscrew to Jeb. Jeb gives it to Lydia. Lydia doesn't know what the heck to make of it. Neither does Jeb, who thought he was giving a twice as big diamond.

Claude, after feeling so proud that all of Will's staff LOVED their presents, has to swallow her pride and admit she gave the wrong presents to Lydia and Will's girlfriend.

Carl the cafeteria worker gives Kipp a football for Christmas. Kipp asked for a football from his negligent parents, but never got it back in the day. Now he's got it, and he feels the spirit so much, he starts playing football in the cafeteria. He wipes out on a slippery floor embarrassing himself.

Claude, thoroughly humiliated after the present swapping mixup is depressed, but low and behold a dishwashing machine shows up. Her gift from Will (through Ramona and Owen).

Ahhh, the magic of Christmas!

Beasties vs Odd Todd

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Strokes, Room on Fire - Reptillia

I was over at Odd Todd yesterday checking to see what's up with him. He's got a Beastie Boys circa '87 story to tell us. Go Check it out.

Odd Todd is fun-ay. Got his book the week it came out. It's fun-ay. 82% fun-ay to be exact. Hope I never get laid off myself, but if I do, I have the book. See the cartoon sales pitch if you want. (it's big. dialup has to wait a long time).

Play his simon-like Mepnosis game. Takes a little bit to download on dial-up. Be patient.

He also posts a free mp3 every Thurs. This week is Television - Friction.


Sunday, December 14, 2003

If you punch a Von Bondie, does he not bleed?

Hot on the heals of my A&R man reference comes this interview. Ever wonder what goes on in the head of an A&R man? Here's an interview with the guy that signed Nellie McKay.

Man, I can't help but laugh! This Gay Boyfriend thing (through stereogum) is great. Read the whole story, see the "behind-the-scenes" movie, and then see the final, hilarious product at ryantown.com. The final part when the supergay guys are flying with the girls, and the one is going "La-la-la-la-la-la" and then we see the others face holding on the "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag." Man, it's this Ryan (the director) that creates the Comedy!! Smart directing!

and u-oh!! More Von Bondies Gossip!!

Franz Ferdinand hype-o-meter level 3

what i'm listening to Right Now: CBS News - Saddam Captured

I don't think the 'Next Big Thing' status as been offered to any new bands in a while. I don't claim to know how to pick 'em. I'm no A&R man down here, but I know I'm lovin' this catchy little tune from a Scottish (If it's not scottish its CRAP!) band called Franz Ferdinand. I downloaded "Darts of Pleasure" from Jinners.com and had to get more. (If anyone has more, we can talk trade)

I've only heard two of their songs. Both of these songs are awful catchy, but the lick that opens "Tell Her Tonight" has invaded my bloodstream!

GO NOW!! Go Download them and enjoy!!

(Right Click, Save As...)

Tell Her Tonight (Home Demo)

And here's another good one:

Darts of Pleasure


Friday, December 12, 2003

Raveonettes email

Just arrived from the Raveonettes:

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 06:01:01 -0500
From: Raveonettes UK
To: mcox@pcs.cnu.edu
Subject: Happy Xmas From The Raveonettes...

The Raveonettes: An Update From The Band:

Dear Raveonettes Addicts...

We recently were invited to celebrate the late Buddy Holly at The Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Being true admirers of this great man we of course were ecstatic. It turned out to be a far greater evening than we anticipated. True legends were in attendance, Wanda Jackson the real Queen of Rockabilly, The fabulous Drifters, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, Maria Elena Holly the wife of the late Buddy, etc etc. (check out a pic here: http://www.hardplace.net/theraveonettes/mariaelena.jpg

Tommy Allsup the great guitar player who played on such tunes as Wishing and It's so Easy, led the house band. Tommy was actually the guy who lost his seat on the doomed plane when he lost the coin toss to Ritchie Valens on February 3rd, 1959. So needless to say, honoring Buddy from whose song Rave On we took our name and drinking in the hotel bar with Maria Elena Holly(see picture), was a tremendous experience for us.

Christmas time is coming up and we've decided to release a fabulous single to celebrate a great year. But lo and behold, this is not just one single but two classic singles... 'Heartbreak Stroll' and 'The Christmas Song'.
NME hailed it as 'Single Of The Week' comparing 'The Christmas Song' to none other than Phil Spector's classic Yule-tide album from 1963. So what better way to end this amazing year than to have the number one single in the country... so let's cut the crap, what do we really want for Christmas?..well, you guessed it...our first number one single!
In return, we'll continue to create timeless classics and keep the spirit of true Rock 'n' Roll alive! Rave on and have a merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!

Sharin & Sune

P.S. The Christmas Song was actually recorded during the famous New York City blackout.


Thursday, December 11, 2003

Fixed the bugs?

Been having some quirks with the site for the past 24 hours. I think I fixed 'em.

If you have any problems, Pul-ease!! drop me an email and complain so I know to fix it. Or just drop me a line with any suggestions.

Thanks dear readers,
Matt aka "Chico"

PS This is Hi-larious! Mostly 'cause I'm still working the 4 year old star-tac myself. Still Going Strong too!!

we hate you ms roberts

See Jaime, I'm not the only one that feels this way!!

Von Bondies - Say it ain't so!

what i'm listening to Right Now: Moonglows - Hey Santa Claus

The Von Bondies website redesign! Another song from the new album is up! That makes three songs I've heard from the new album. I can't wait. Make sure to check the video for "Cmon, Cmon"

But, I did read this bit of disheartening news through the very great whatevs.org. Come to think of it, the Von Bondies do kinda come off as jerks in the video interview I posted a few days ago. The whole website is probably controlled by the corporation. The bondies probably don't have any input in it.

And I need to get on this RSS bandwagon. Supposed to tell you when your favorite blogs have been updated. I'd be gettin' emails every two seconds from whatevs.org. That guy's prolific as a mo-fo!


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Mouse Hunt (not the movie, but my life)

what i'm listening to Right Now: Bob Dylan, Bringing it All Back Home - Maggies Farm

The Paige Davis reference yesterday made me want to post this song I wrote to sing at an open mike this past summer. It's called "Been Swearin' Too Often" and it's 100% autobiographical. It has a bit about Paige in it.

Matthew_Cox-Been_Swearin_Too_Often.mp3 (2.3MB=approx. 8 min download if you have 56K dialup)

And here is my version of I'm Waiting for my Man that I posted back in August. In case you missed it then.

Matthew_Cox-Im_Waiting_For_My_Man.mp3 (3.6MB=approx. 12 min download if you have 56k dialup)

And I have a mouse. I bought a humane trap, but I'm only giving him one more day to get in there, and then I'm Dcon'n the whole place.

While researching the "Mice Cube" I bought at Wal-Mart, I found this site, which is a great little read about one mans Mouse Hunt.


Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I'll Take the One on the Left

Another "actress would look better if they had some meat on 'em" post:

Go check out these pictures of Bridget Jones at anise.blogspot.

I'm not one of those scrawny guys that likes the big girls. I love a petite princess as much as the next guy, but comparing these girls side by side, I'll take cleavage over cheek bones anyday.

I hope she doesn't get THAT skinny again. Someplace in the middle please. I like Slender, but not Skinny, you know?

PS you can tell by those bony, but flabby arms (skinny Renee) that she lost the weight by not eating. If she had lost it with healthy eating and healthy exercise she'd look better. Like a Ashley Williams (Look at those healthy, puffy cheeks). Fit, not just scrawny.

Or, Paige Davis:

And Please, someone get/make me this T-shirt for Christmas!! (In a small for that snug, indie rock, people will think I'm wearing it Ironically, even though it's 100% sincere look).

UPDATE (4:07pm): Whoa!! I was be-bopin' along through the "Blogs I Recommend" section of my links. And I have a new thing where I click whatevs.org last because everytime I go there, I get to readin' and clicking their links. They update novella's every few minutes so there is always some time spent reading. (I should put them last in the list I suppose).

Well, So i skipped whatevs on the way down, and went straight to the great anise.blogspot. Saw the renee picture and decided I had to comment on it. So I posted the entry below.

Then I go back and click on Whatevs.org and I see they they Totally Agree on the Renee score.

I Am Not Alone!

Lou Rawls Rocks

what i'm listening to Right Now: Lou Rawls, Pottery Barn Hip Holidays - Christmas Is...

Best Christmas Song EVER!!


Saturday, December 06, 2003

Von Bondies Interview

Von Bondies Video Interview short but sweet.

New CD's added to the arsenal

Just picked up at my local Independent music store:

Mando Diao - Bring 'em in $9.99 "Emerging Artist Price"

Tori Amos - Tales of a Librarian (2 disks + DVD videos) $14.99

My Morning Jacket - It still moves $11.99

Also got NME magazine the other week that had a cd of music with it. It included a new track from my beloved Von Bondies, and another Franz Ferdinand track. And a special someone sent me some live Yeah Yeah Yeah bootlegs that are SOOOOO Awesome!!!

I'm drowning in music here. I better stop so people will have things to buy me for Christmas.


Friday, December 05, 2003


what i'm listening to Right Now: Bob Dylan, Live in Manchester, 1965 (bootleg) - All I really wanna do

Would somebody please tell Max Dropout over at Let Them Eat Lead (see my post from Nov 21 down the page) that Fever To Tell (the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album) is nominated for Best Alternative Album.

Best Alternative Music Album
(Vocal or Instrumental.)

Fight Test
The Flaming Lips
[Warner Bros. Records]

Hail To The Thief
[Capitol Records]

Sigur Ros
[Fat Cat/MCA Records]

The White Stripes
[V2/ThirdMan Records]

Fever To Tell
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
[Interscope Records]

Of course, every year I whine about how the Grammy's get everything wrong, but this year, at least this category is fair. And Elephant by the White Stripes is up for Record of the Year. Here are all the nominees.


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Damn Deer Don't Dare Walk in Front of Me

Grr!! Watch out you deer!

Day in the life of the last day in the life of a deer. Location: Nicholas County West Virginia

Gettin' the Game Plan Together at the Drennen Dairy Bar 6:15am.

Breaker, Breaker, You gotta smokey on your backdoor. Come on back at me. Over.

Here's what I had for lunch and what I look like eating lunch.

MMM!! Blueberry Pie!! I love roughing it in the woods!!

Be Verwy Quiet, I'm hunting wabbits! I mean Deer.

I never saw a thing the whole time I was out in the woods!! Stupid Deer! Where were they hiding?

But I had a good time. And not for lack of trying, but no deer lost their lives on my trip.


Monday, December 01, 2003

Raveonettes in Mono

what i'm listening to Right Now: Denali, the Instinct - Hold Your Breath

So, first of all, through Catchdubs.com I stumble onto this Denali Contest. Get your free MP3's there too!!

I took a trip up to Grandma's place in Wild Wonderful West Virginia this weekend. I copied my Raveonettes CD onto cassette tape for the car ride. But my 93 4cyl maroon Mustang has a busted tape deck. Only one set of speakers plays. So I end up only listening to the left track of the Stereo signal.

So I just wanted to say, that I think this album is better with just the left track. It's liked stripped down a bit, and I think it makes a good album even better.

So like, turn off your right channel next time you're listening to your favorite album and maybe it will be a pleasant surprise.

PS The Libertines song "the Boy Looked at Johnny" didn't sound good at all with just the left track playing.

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