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Saturday, December 20, 2003

White Stripes cover Blind Willie McTell

Here are some MP3's of the performances from the White Stripes Live on the World Cafe:

UPDATE MARCH 11, 2004: I've Removed the Songs from the site. I needed the space for some other things. If you're hurtin' to get a-hold of these songs, then email me, and I'll try to help.

VERY TEMPORARY!! BE CAREFUL DIRECT LINKING!! I'm just a small time blogger here!

Talkin' 'bout Detroit Bands.mp3 (no mention of Von Bondies)

White Stripes - Lord Send Me An Angel (A Blind Willie McTell cover)

White Stripes - I Wanna Be the Boy To Warm Your Mothers Heart.mp3

Talkin' 'bout Loretta Lynn.mp3 ("Sounds Like Someone Robbin' a Bank")

White Stripes - Mr. Cellophane.mp3 (Chicago the Musical cover)

Origin of Big Three Killed My Baby.mp3 ("What if I was Gay? Would you love me anyway?")

And I permalinked my own voice in my sidebar OVER THERE -->

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