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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Franz Ferdinand hype-o-meter level 3

what i'm listening to Right Now: CBS News - Saddam Captured

I don't think the 'Next Big Thing' status as been offered to any new bands in a while. I don't claim to know how to pick 'em. I'm no A&R man down here, but I know I'm lovin' this catchy little tune from a Scottish (If it's not scottish its CRAP!) band called Franz Ferdinand. I downloaded "Darts of Pleasure" from Jinners.com and had to get more. (If anyone has more, we can talk trade)

I've only heard two of their songs. Both of these songs are awful catchy, but the lick that opens "Tell Her Tonight" has invaded my bloodstream!

GO NOW!! Go Download them and enjoy!!

(Right Click, Save As...)

Tell Her Tonight (Home Demo)

And here's another good one:

Darts of Pleasure

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