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Friday, December 19, 2003

Bring a Smile to a Bloggers Pale, Pimply Face

what i'm listening to Right Now: Pavement - Summer Babe

Amazon Wish List Quick Reference:

Anise's Wishlist: Help fulfill Anise's Big Lebowski obsession (One of favorite movies Too!!).

Soviet Panda's Wishlist: Soviet Panda really, really wants Franz Ferdinand. He is not alone. Amazon doesn't have it. I want it Also!! If you know where we can get it email me, and I'll buy it for him (and me).

Miss Modernage's Wishlist: Miss Modernage Has So Much. Still Wants More. Can't blame her. It's the American Way. You love America don't you? Support America by buying Miss Modernage some more White Stripes CD's.

Catherine's Wishlist: I'd tell you to buy something for Catwoman.pita.com, but EVERYTHING on her list is "Unavailable." It's gonna be nothing but tube socks for her this Christmas.

Keyofe's Wishlist: And, of course, my own wishlist.

5.5 Days and Counting!!

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