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Monday, July 12, 2004

'sup New York City

Man, I'm a real New Yorker this week.

Jaime and I are headed up the big city this weekend. That Siren Fest is Saturday. I took an epic Greyhound journey last year (RECAP: 1:Preparations, 2:Tracklist, 3:Destroyed, 4:Pre-Siren, 5:At Siren, 6:No Nellie, 7:Picture Recap .

Good-times-last-year plus Jaime-had-the-weekend-off so, what the hey, I'm headed to this year's Siren too. We're going to make a whole weekend of it.

I love comedy only-very-slightly less than Rock n Roll, so I'm also planning to see Demetri Martin's show "Spiral Bound" and I'm going to try to see Eugene Mirman who I found out is at a place called "Pianos" Friday night. I desperately tried to find out if H. Jon Benjamin is doing something this weekend. Do any of you New Yorkers know if he's up to anything?

Do you all know if I can buy "Beat Cops" in the City someplace? Or "Whose the Caboose?"

Jaime wants to go to vintage clothing stores.

Got my 'Sup mag from GarageDream today. Thanks a ton for the personal note! Send him three dollars and see what he sends you.

And in honor of the trip I've been obsessively listening to Interpol again. Oh, and then look what I find out. A "new" Interpol track. It's good. I will buy this album when it comes out.

PS When did Losing my Edge make it's way back? I kept my link up for a long, long time but you wouldn't come back. Better late than never, heh?

PPS I talk about the Mooney Suzuki working with the Matrix in my recap 5:At Siren and I'm about 30 minutes from leaving to see the new Matrixized Mooney's live! I haven't heard ANY of the Matrixized stuff so I'll let you know it sounds.

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