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Monday, July 10, 2006

Bob Dylan Based Musical headed to Broadway

What the freakin' heck-fire is this about?

Broadway Musical based on Dylan Songs


In better news, I might be seeing my precious Art Brut live (for the first time) by heading to Siren Fest this weekend. And I was just visiting New York last weekend and I may get to got back! Here's Jaime on Mott Street fussing at me because she doesn't want to model her new headband:

Jaime on Mott Street

Oh, I've had some good times at Siren fest. This year looks like a few things are coming together to let me pull it off (but it good still all fall apart before Friday).

Anywho, in Art Brut related news, the Chicago Music Critic boys say Art Brut will change your life. They RAVE and RAVE and RAVE about Art Brut on their "Top CD's of 2006 so far" show. Plus they talk about their other "Best Of (So Far)". Awesome podcast by the music critics of the two top Chicago newspapers:

Sound opinions Top CD's of 2006 (So Far)


Are you Bored? Really Bored? Are you me? Then you just might enjoy reading of my first adventure to Siren. The time I turned down the geriatric hooker on 42nd street at 4 am. Yeah, that time:

From the RNRNRW Archive:

Siren Fest 2003 recap (Epic Greyhound, 24 hour's awake in the big city trip)

Siren Fest Trip 2004

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