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Monday, July 19, 2004

Siren Fest 2004 Photo Essay

(click on the pics to see bigger versions)

We left Late Thursday. Napped just past Baltimore; then we drove into the city in daylight Posted by Hello

These cops on Mulberry street locked their keys in their running squad car. They were using a coat hanger to try and get back in. Posted by Hello

Cops ride Segway scooters on the Boardwalk at Coney Island Posted by Hello

Jaime on the Boardwalk Posted by Hello

Get to work! Only 351 days left! Posted by Hello

Self Portrait in Porta-Potty. Posted by Hello

Artsy heh? Posted by Hello

We rode the Cyclone of course! Posted by Hello

And I got "Cyclone Hair" Posted by Hello

We saw bands too! Posted by Hello   I didn't have a fancy press-pass so without the marvels of digtal-zoom, I would have never got this picture.  It's TV on the Radio by the way.

I call this one, "Astroland sign with star, building, and caboose" Posted by Hello

Needless to say, Jaime did not ride this ride. Posted by Hello

The "shared-bath" hotel. Posted by Hello

View out the hotel window. Posted by Hello

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