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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Death Cab Singer Sargent

I'm reading on and viewing some John Singer Sargent tonight. Check him out here.

Death Cab is on SNL. My hero Will Forte proved his genius once again with his Duluth song. Death Cab has another song coming up and that will make the second Death Cab song I've ever heard. I think they could be BIG!

Next week on SNL is Peter Sarsgaard who is my hero and a half since I "discovered" him just after doing this:

He was so unbelievable in that movie where Lord Vader made up those articles in the New Republic magazine (but I did have to see his...thingy...his naughty dirty place...in that movie about the pervert doctor).

Anywho, that picture is from my fun night in Richmond all those years ago (read about my viewing of Shattered Glass in a great old Richmond Theatre).

Oh and some band called the Storkes or Stroke or something that will be on the show with Sarsgaard too. Good luck to them heh?

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