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Thursday, December 08, 2005

NBC moves The Office to Crapday

I don't watch much television but I go out of my way from 9:00 - 10:00 pm Tuesday night. I love the Office. I guess I have a soft spot for it since I got to preview it for the Daily Press.

I like the Angela character a lot. She's such a control freak and a perfect, perfect straight-woman to the wackiness of the other characters. Her look when Michael started ruining her party plan had me laughing good. She and Michael need more together on the show. Everyone is so funny on that show. Angela has her own myspace page.

I also like the IT temp guy Ryan (since I'm an IT guy). I think they are still pushing the Michael-has-a-crush on Ryan story from the fire episode. Michael plays favorites with Ryan.

You can vote on the best office Christmas photos here.

Dwight has a blog too.

Anyway, all this is pointless because they are moving Earl and the Office to crappy Thursday. Thursday is dead NBC. Tuesday is the new Thursday. I should write a strongly worded letter to every advertiser from Tuesdays show.


Now all that is out of the way, NBC and iTunes are teaming up and you can buy for 1.99 the full 10 minute clip of Conan O'Brien (With ANDY Richter!!!) doing their "Famous Helping People" sketch. If NBC keeps this up, I'll be spending lots of money on iTunes. I mean, you can drop 2 bucks and watch an episode of the Office right this second! I love this technology crap. So, with this iTunes deal, NBC is back in my good graces.

Click here for NBC on iTunes

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