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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Origins of My Newspaper Article

O.K. for the record, here are the original questions and my answers that I provided to the Daily Press. They had to edit stuff for space and what-not, so I figure, this is what blogs are for....bragging about what a good job you did. They cut my Flintstones reference and my Wal-mart rant and so, well, here is the original.

> 1. What were your overall impressions of the first three episodes The Office? Did you like it or not? Why?

Having not seen the original British version I was coming at the show as an Office virgin, a virgin to the "O". I had NEVER experienced the "O" before. I must admit I was scared but curious. What would it feel like? Would it hurt (Laughing so much) or would I be disappointed (and forced to watch three whole episodes)?

Luckily NBC had thoughtfully made one dag-nab funny show. The third show that is. The first show was good, but they focused too much on Steve Carrell's character (Michael Scott) who was funny, but too cartoon-y in his idiocy. He was WAY wacky like that episode of the Flintstones when the Way Outs sing their signature tune, "Way Out". You know, like too wacky (or was he? Maybe he is a moderately wacky guy normally, but perhaps he gets nervous in front of the documentarian "camera" so when the documentarians are there he acts Way-Out wacky because of nerves...intriguiging questions!)

The first show was good, the second show was funnier, and the third even funnier so I'm feeling good about this series. I really liked that the third episode was more of an ensemble type piece rather than letting Carrell's Boss character try to carry the whole episode. By that third episode they found their stride and I can't wait to see more.

> 2. What character did you most relate to? And why?

I would be the spawn of kiss-up Dwight and the Indian woman, but that wasn't a true character on this show (although that would make a killer spin-off series). I would say I relate to Dwight because I have Dwight's innate ability to be annoying to others and I generally delight in being the office nemesis to all my other coworkers.

> 3. Seriously, don't flatter yourself: which character are you really most like?

O.K. you got me. I relate most to the cute guy that everyone adores. Oh wait, there are no cute people on this show. So I guess I relate most to the temp because he is mysterious and sinister.

> 4. Did anything in any of the three episodes strike you as being very true-to-life? Did any of the situations compare to anything you might have experienced at, say, one of your past jobs?

When the secretary was playing solitaire I was reminded of the time that I missed the red 6 on a black 7 and my boss came up behind me and called me out on it. I was embarrassed, but thankful, because I didn't see any other moves.

> 5. In that last question, did you maybe say anything to get yourself fired from your current job? Just curious.

My solitaire story may, or may not have happened at my current job. I admit nothing. Also, I just remembered that she was playing free-cell and not solitaire, so I should just admit that I made up that solitaire story.

Nothing exciting happens in my job except for the time we hunted a squirrel for three days. It had gotten in somehow, and was crappin' on everything. We'd try to shoo it out but then it would hide. So we'd go back to work and someone would scream, "There it is!" and then we'd be off trying to shoo it out again. Eventually we got rid of it. He was delicious.

> 6. Lunch hours: shouldn't they really be called lunch half-hours? Discuss.

Lunch breaks! There are 12 year olds in China working 14 hour days to fill the shelves of your precious Wal-Mart. Think they complain about their lunch breaks? They sure as heck don't complain, and they had better not! Wal-mart's gotta have those TVs and baby clothes! Move to Cuba you lazy commie!

I only wrote that as an example of something inappropriate that the boss Michael Scott might say in the work place. I don't believe it...or do I? (I'm "mysterious and sinister" remember?)

> 7. If you had a boss like The Office's Michael Scott, how would you handle him?

Kill 'em with kindness.

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