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Friday, August 19, 2005

Jack White Hates Balls

Jack White Hates Balls (via Blagg Blogg)


Also, I just found out that the Cloud Room is coming to Norfolk next week. Aug 27th at some place called Station Two. Any idea where that is?

I like this band, but I can't go to the show 'cause that's when I'm leaving on my well deserved vacation. Still, where the heck is Station Two? Is that one of the new places in Ghent? Near the New Belmont? (Update: Aha! I have found it: www.station2.net)

Tonight is "The Teeth" at Relative Theory. I really want to go, especially now that Volcano Roll is playing their debut show. I found them their drummer!

I can't go tonight though 'cause my grandma is coming in to town. (The grandma who I made my "For Grandma..." cd for.) So I'll be up at Mom and Dad's eating dinner, visiting, and singing some good, quirky, sweet songs like:

Been Swearin'.mp3
October Ride.mp3
Never Made Love (to a woman).mp3
Paul Reveres Horse.mp3

and, of course,the numbers off "For Grandma..." (Click to hear two minute samples).

(Update #2: I will be going to the show tonight. Grandma show will be tomorrow night.)

O.K. o.k. it's Friday which is Me-day around here (because I get like 80% less hits on Friday) but that's enough of my showing off.

OH Yeah! One more thing:

Aug 26 is the Violent Femmes! Wow. The Violent Femmes. They're playing the East Coast Surfing Championships. That's where I saw the Boggs a few years back.

From the Archives:

The Boggs at the East Coast Surfing Championships.


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