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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Terry Zwigoff

I rode my new bicycle over to the Food Lion grocery, and I bought a ribeye steak (because I am an MVP card-holder, I saved quite a bit).

While eating the steak I watched "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" (via DVD), and then, after the steak, whilst painting my third "work" (I've recently taken up painting), I watched "Noting Hill" on ABC tv. Then, that was over so, I put in "Ghost World" which is, to me, a fantastic movie that is directed by Terry Zwigoff.

I was trying to watch "Bad Santa" that I received via "Netflix". I didn't even realize that "Bad Santa" was a "Terry Zwigoff" film, but it is. And guess what?? It was broken. I couldn't really watch it 'cause it has a crack in it. Netflix is going to send me a replacement.

Anyway, Terry Zwigoff's "Ghost World" is my favorite movie ever. I can type for-ever about why.

"Mirror, Father, Mirror."


The only movies that are better than "Ghost World" are:

Taxi Driver
Easy Rider
Dr. Strangelove


"That's a Mongoose"...."That's not officially for sale." Says the same guy that made the last few seasons of Frasier so good (Although Shannon (from 99 Main) hates Frasier).


Anyway, "Ghost World" is a great movie;


"But those our our people."

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