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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I like to ride my bicycle


So two days ago I finally got me a new bike too! Jaime got the cool one last weekend and I'd been looking for the perfect bike for me. Luckily for my wallet I found a perfect one at the Kmart. It's a six speeder "comfort" style so I can still cruise around relaxed like, or I can kick it up and get some aerobic exercise.

In the two days I've had it I've gotten two injuries, both on or below my right ankle. Hopefully the honeymoon period of injury is now over and I can just concentrate on having fun.


On Independence Day I rode my new bike over to Milford Rd for the Brandon Heights 4th of July Independence Parade, where I was a judge. It was a blast. I voted this kid 3rd place in the "Wagons/Strollers" category.

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It's a little pool!

"I have to say, it was a good [Independence] day." - Ice Cube

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