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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Sitting on your Loathsome, Spotty Behinds.

Squeezing Blackheads. Not giving a tinkers cuss about the struggling artist. You Excrement!"

AHA!! I'm on to you people! Not a person has listened to this Ramblin' Jack tune today.

Wanna know how I know? I signed up for this really cool service called mybloglog.com. It's pretty cool. It shows you what links your readers clicked on.

So I know that 48 people have clicked on my Art Brut cover, which is pretty exciting to think about (actually, it only tells me that the link was clicked 48 times, so maybe one person listened 48 times). But as far as Ramblin' Jack? Ya'll don't care too much. Hey, to each their own. You don't have to like things that are cool.

I know you'll love this though. I discovered this fun-time-wasting site, from reading this site, which is who this guy pulled a april fools prank with (and who dumped me good yesterday. Re-read the last paragraph of this, and see where I'm at now. Like the Governor of Connecticut on tonight's Law and Order, I'm Out! Blogga-ego-bruise!)

All this and my Stupid Car is STILL screwed up!! My brand new spark plug wires are arcing. I JUST bought them! My Stoopid car won't accelerate right! All cars are money pits! I'm having a BAD WEEK!

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