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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Little Barrie

This Little Barrie EP came out Tuesday. I recently came into possession of it and it's pretty catchy stuff. I think they are from England. They supposedly opened for De La Soul. It's funky, like what would be playing whilst characters in a Guy Ritchie movie are walking in slow motion (at least "Thinking on My Mind").

Here are some of the tracks to wet your whistle:

Little Barrie - Burned Out.mp3 (2.5 Megs)

Little Barrie - Thinking on My Mind.mp3 (2.5 Megs)

Buy it on iTunes.

So I got this new cell phone with a camera. I took this picture of Jaime and I at Relative Theory right before the Asobi Seksu started playing. Don't I look handsome in blurry photos?

Lookin' Good At Asobi Seksu Posted by Hello


In blog news: Damn, Bob took me off his "Faves" list. Now I'm on "Other Faves." What did I do to make him go so very far away? Oh well, It was a good ride while it lasted. "Other Faves" is pretty damn good too. I'll have to step up the fart jokes and maybe he'll bump me up again. He's got a funny weblog all right. Toole's is still funnier (but in a less malicious, stream-of-conscious way). And the best blog news is that Anise is safe and back in my life. I'm glad whatever it was is o.k.

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