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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Nellie, Nirvana, and Pixies

what i'm listening to Right Now: Nellie McKay - Really (Live at Aldrich Museum)

So I finally got around to listening to the new Live Nellie McKay (not Nelly Mckai) stuff up on Nelliemckay.net. She forgets the words for "Baby Watch Your Back" and it seems to relax her for the rest of the show. She was much more uptight in her DC show that I saw. DC is a stuffy town though. (Although this site reminds me that DC can still be a blast.)

Her album is no. 6 on Blenders top CDs of Aught-four.

Did I ever tell you that my song over there ->, "I Wish I Was A Woman" is a response to Nellie's "It's a Pose." Oh, I guess I did.

I also shoulda told you about Sound Opinions Radio show on Nirvana's Box Set. Click Here and listen to segment 4 and 5 of Nov. 23rd. It's where I heard about the feedback of that version of SLTS that I posted down lower. (Segment 1-3 of Nov. 23rd is the boys tearing into U2's newest CD, if you're interested. It sparked some good discussion in my house.)

Finally, RNRNRW operative Paul says Pixies rocked last night. I didn't see it, so I have no pictures. Anyone out there got any snaps of Ms. Deal?

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