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Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Strokes as Pupae

I'm a man of my word.

I promised to find a way to get this video to you way back when. And now here it is.

This is a gift to all of you. It's the Strokes as of April 29th, 2000. On stage, looking dorky.

This clip is the one of NYC Cops where Nick falls off the stage.

I wish Nick was having this much fun on stage today.

Jules though....I'm glad he left the Beastie arms behind.

This is a real media file so you'll need Real Player. It's only 3.1 megs, so you dial-uppers will only have to wait 20 mins or so. Go make yourself a sandwich.

The video window will look really small. Grab the lower right corner of your real player and drag it so it's a little bigger.

UPDATE Sept 16, 2004 - Send me and email, I'll try to help you get this movie: The Strokes - NYC Cops - Live at Arlene's Grocery - Apr29 2000.rm

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