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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Mooney's Bass Player??

I was up late the other night trying desperately to covert my epic documentary film "Kidney Beans" to a DVD-r, and I waiting for the Mooney Suzuki to appear on this last week of Craig Kilborn.

They had a different bass player??? It wasn't this guy:

It was....some other guy?? What the heck?

Plus the first single off the new album is "Alive and Amplified" and it's not a very good song.

Check out the video though, and judge for yourself:

Mooney Suzuki - Alive and Amplified (Quicktime Video)

(Where's the Frampton-esque "Talk Box" in the video? He used it on Kilborn and when I saw them live. Why not in the video?)

Plus, Rhapsody had the entire album available for streaming a week ago. Now since the actual CD is out in stores...you can only stream three of the songs!

So, I'll post a better song from their new album here:

The Mooney Suzuki - Love Bus.mp3 (2.8megs)

The album is out now, if'n you want to check it out at your local independent music store.

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