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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"Weapons of Mass Rock-n-Rolling" 2

What a show.

I remind you of the last time I saw the Mooney Suzuki live. One of the great experiences of my life. I have since asked Longwave what they remember of that show. Now I've asked the Mooney Suzuki what they remember. I just have to hit the Raveonettes and White Light Motorcade and I'll have asked every act on the bill that night.

Anywho, Jaime took all these pictures and they look way better than all my concert shots. Good job Sugar Bear!

They had these wild 60's Mod lookin' outfits on. Sammy the Singer had huge Mutton-Chops.

The drummer was amazing. He actually came out from behind his drumset during "Young Man's Mind" and did the Worm. YES!! The Breakin' 2 "Electric Bugaloo" WORM!! And mid-song, he would stand on his drums and still play and keep up with the song.

Here is Sammy's chops and the drummer standing on his drums:

See the chops? See the drummer lookin' slick in his vest?

The bass player dropped his pick.

Jaime ran over and picked it up; and then, the next day, she surprised me with that frame you see up above. Here it is again:

See, that's the pick, that's the ticket-stub, and then a few of the pictures. Isn't that sweet?

Jaime and I liked the drummer so much we got a picture with him after the show. See the bass player giving the bunny-ears? They actually came out afterwards to the merch table and signed autographs. So cool. That's when I asked them what the remembered about the American University show. They remembered right away. I don't think anyone who was there will forget that night!

Oh, before I forget, the lead guitarist guy had one of those vocoder duu-flochies like "Do You Feel Like We Do" Frampton.

He told Jaime he liked her "Hamburger Heaven" t-shirt that her Mom used to wear back in the 70's.

And near the end of the show, Sammy jumped down in the audience and the guitarist got on his shoulders and Sammy walked him around the crowd while he kept playing! And the drummer got on the bassist's shoulders with that big foam number one that they always wave around (here he is goose-stepping with it:

And here he is when he was right in front of Jaime and I:

But it would have looked more like this:

New York is Getting Closer!!

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