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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


what i'm listening to Right Now: Beth Orton - Anywhere

I have a gig tonight. I'm playing my guitar and singing my songs at Ben's Birthday party. Isn't that cool?

He hasn't heard any of my stuff that I haven't posted on this website. I can't wait to play "Never Made Love." He'll get it. I'm gonna post it one of these days.

"Never Made Love to a Woman before
But still know I could rock your world.
waited my whole life, for a wife like you.
So if you ain't bow-legged, you will be soon."


Listen.com already has the new Mooney Suzuki available. It also has stuff like Body Count, Violent Femmes, Dolly Parton, and Jack Kerouac reading his poetry.

"Bob began with jazz..." See that? I wrote "Bob began with Jazz" I didn't mean "My Blog is Poop began with Jazz." I meant "Bop began with Jazz." Jeez.

I saw in the new entertainment weekly, Kimya Dawson in "Download This." Congrats to her. You can get her new song "Loose Lips" on her site.

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