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Friday, January 02, 2004

Greatest Week in Rock History

Salon makes it's case for the Greatest Week in Rock History.

As for me, since it's a new year, or so I hear, I wanted to post my own lists that seem to be all the rage this time of year.

Top 5 Live shows I saw in 2003:

5) Oct. 12: Strokes/Kings Of Leon/Regina Spektor in Baltimore
Strokes always put on a good live show, but Regina Spektor and the Kings of Leon are what put this show on the list.

4) Nov 5: Rooney/The Sounds @ the Norva
Awesome show. The Norva is the greatest venue I've been to yet, and it's just across the river! The Sounds opened, and impressed me greatly. I listen to their stuff a lot more than Rooney now. Sorry Rooney. (Although "If it were up to me" by Rooney is one of the best tracks of the year).

3) July 19: Dirtbombs @ Siren Festival, Coney Island
What an adventure this trip was. The 24 Hours in NYC trip. All of Siren was cool, but The Dirtbombs show (on the "small" stage too!) were so great that it gets number 3 on my list.

2) Mar. 19: Mooney Suzuki/Raveonettes/Longwave at America University
The Iraq war deadline was this night. On the campus of American University, a few blocks from the White House. No Cover. Maybe thirty people in the crowd. Watching CNN with Sune from the Raveonettes. Just an amazing night!

1) Oct 7: Kimya Dawson/Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players in Charlottesville
The best discovery of the year for me. Kimya Dawson is an amazing talent! I'm gonna save up and hire her to come play in my town. If I could get a few hundred together, I bet she'd come on down, huh? She could sleep in my spare bedroom, and I could book her into all the local coffee places. I could open the shows with four of five of my songs, and then my friend Paul could play four or five of his, and then Kimya would be the big attraction. Yeah, I bet the William and Mary crowd would dig that. Kimya could probably sell a bunch of cds after the shows. People around here just haven't heard her stuff.

Kimya Dawson was the best show I saw this year.

*Special Mention: Feb 18 Richie Havens @ Starr Hill. The man is a legend, and he don't put on no nostalgia show. This is a modern, relevant, amazing performer!

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