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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oohlas, Bright Light Fever, and the Zutons - the Stolen Transmission response

Hey Andrew,

Yeah, I finally got up, walked over and found the name to the ZUTONS cd. I blogged the correction. In fact, I actually blogged our whole correspondence. I linked up a lot of the stuff we talked about. There have been some good clicks on Bright Light Fever and on the Oohlas stuff. No one clicked the Silverman clip even though I linked it up twice in the post. The kids like Stolen Transmission Records. Loathe Sarah Silverman. My blog is proof.

I thought that my words on how I was going to buy the Oohlas album even though I didn't get it for free was a good sign to my readers that it was worth buying.

I hope it works. I like it when recording artists make record companies more money. Then trickle-down economics can work its magic!!!!

Thanks again for the cds!


On Oct 17, 2006, at 6:26 PM, Andrew Ortega wrote:

I cant answer alot of this questions because I simply dont know
that other CD included was the ZUTONS
a great brit band
that most people were really into while we were working the record
I can send you a Oohlas album
when I get more copies in this week


You can click to hear the entire Bright Light Fever album--See if it's your thing.

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