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Monday, October 02, 2006

New Regina Spektor

According to Regina's Website (linked as always, over there-->), the full live Regina Spektor show from Oct 3 (today-ish) will be broadcast on NPR's All Songs Considered (also linked over there-->).

So I can't wait to hear that.

Until then, please, please, please listen to her second album (and the 'original' version of Samson) by clicking here:

Regina Spektor - Songs (full album)

I read an interview where she talks about hating this older version of "Samson" and, of course, I can't stand to hear that since that's my version that I'm so familiar with. The new version will take some getting used to.

Def listen to "Daniel Cowman" which is one of the GREATEST songs ever written. I also LOVE, LOVE, (unironic) LOVE "Reading Time with Pickle". So click that link and listen. I've flogged it here for years because it's that awesome.

So listen, listen, listen, and then we'll listen to Regina Spektor's Live set on NPR.

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