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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Aircraft Carrier George H. W. Bush Christening Today

Exactly 1.5 miles from my house sits the Aircraft Carrier George H. W. Bush. It will be Christened today with George Sr and Jr. Rumsfeld will be there. AND, John Warner-Taylor, George Allen and Timmy Kaine too. Whew. Lots of heavy weights will be in my neighborhood soon.

That's why I'll be spending the night in Washington, DC.

I'm not really leaving town because of the Christening. I'd actually like to see it. They are kinda neat. I rode my bike over to the USS Ronald Reagan ceremony years ago. Saw Bushju (Bush+Junior=Bushju) and Nancy. It rained that day too. I still use my souvenir USS Ronald Reagan Insulated Travel Mug. My Ronald Reagan coloring book is out in the tool shed still (I don't know how it wound up back there but it's still there.)

Anyway, the Sailboat Show in Annapolis is the real reason we driving up to DC. I'm thinking of stopping by WAG at the Black Cat. Do people really dance there? We're staying on Pennsylvania NW across from George Washington U. so maybe we'll just stay around there.

So, If you get a USS George H. W. Bush catalog Saturday, and you don't want it, give it to me so I can add to my collection.

In the meantime check out these pictures of the Aircraft Carrier being built:

Daily Press: Building the Bush

Northrop Gruman's Newport News Shipbuilding Christening Website


The biggest bummer is that I'll never get to paint a plein air picture of it in the Dry Dock.

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