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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cool Song and Julie Chen Watercolor

So, Lookie Here! I'm the only person to have a photo tagged "Julie Chen" on Flickr.com:

Julie Chen Interviews Will on Big Brother

Oh, I haven't been blogging the music I'm finding lately. I think the saying is, "I've been down so long it all looks like up to me." Oh well, here's a few.

The Oohlas are a chick-led band that you may of heard off from ultragrrrls thingy. Well their proper album is coming out soon and this song is certainly on it (and it's addictive). I don't know where these kids will go though because the "live" video from Ultragrrrl'sThe Oohlas myspace is Double-U-retched (but that was just a thing from a party so we shouldn't give it too much weight):

Oohlas - Small Parts.mp3

O.K. Now, here is a cover of a damn good song that, in itself, is freakin' cool. Their are few ways to suck-ify a song this great, but this version is really-really great (Thanks SO SO SO much to Copycommaright for turning me on to such cool stuff):

The Flu - Hate to Say I Told You So.mp3

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