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Friday, July 21, 2006

Miss Modernage at Siren - Then and Now

So I'm looking for Siren info (I'm bummed because it turned out that I didn't get a chance to go like I hoped I would), and I find some cool stuff like:

Video of Art Brut - Emily Cane Live at Siren Fest, 2006 at youtube.com (listen for the Cat Stevens reference "You're wrong Cat Stevens.")

And, of course I have to see what the great Miss Modernage thought (she liked it a lot).

And later as I was flipping though the Village Voice pictures I see:

It's Miss Modernage looking so sophisticated and fashionably hot.

Unlike in 2003 when she just looked hot:

In her defense, I actually got to attend that year's Siren, and it was VERY hot.

She is holding a "Hipster Bingo" card which is pretty funny.

When I saw Modernage on the Village Voice site I thought it was strange because her "thing" is that no one sees her face (see her myspace pics). It made me remember that I once found that 2003 picture on the Rogers Sisters website and I dug through my old bookmarks and clicked on it. Sure enough, that old picture is still online so I just thought it funny that she was holding that Hipster Bingo thing.

For the record, I don't know Miss Modernage in any way except as a daily reader of her blog (which besides jinners.com is the only other weblog I've kept reading regularly all these years - even when she was /temp).

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