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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Keane on ESPN Tonight.

I'm watching the England Vs. Sweden World Cup game, and the announcers tell me that Keane is playing two songs off their new album in Los Angeles today as part of some Virgin Megastore Soccer game. Keane from England, England is playing. I think that's a good tie-in.

But the announcer said that there will be more of Keane tonight on "World Cup Live" (1 AM Eastern). Whoops, they just showed a clip of Keane singing "Somewhere Only We Know". They claimed it was "Live" so I guess they are singing during the Halftime of the game.

They should be in a good mood since England is up by one goal.

Oh, O.K. I just checked Keane's website, and I read this:

Instore show at Virgin, Los Angeles
Keane to perform two songs from Under The Iron Sea at a World Cup event at Virgin Megastore in LA (Hollywood & Highland location). The store will be showing the England v Sweden game from 12noon, with Keane appearing live at half-time (approx 12.45pm)."

So stay tuned tonight on ESPN and we'll see if they play more than 30 seconds of their set.


From the Opening Weekend, Mexico Vs Iran:

World Cup Fever at Mikes Place
World Cup Fever at Mikes Place

Mexico Scores!! Goooooaaaaalllll!!!!
Mexico Scores!!  Goooooaaaaalllll!!!!

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