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Monday, April 03, 2006

Updated Spinto Band's Kiss From a Rose Cover song -

I updated the link to the Spinto Band cover song since I noticed a bunch of folks still clicking the expired link:

The Spinto Band - Kiss From a Rose.mp3


Ummmm, TBS, 10:30PM Eastern, this is the worst Family Guy episode I've seen yet. I only catch them here and there, and this one is undoing so much of the enjoyment I've ever had from this show. Episode #309, you killed this show for me. This show is dead to me, Colbert style.


I'm loving this Flickr stuff since Whiskerino ended. Um, find me on flickr...I dare you!


Anywho. I'm off to see Stellastarr* tomorrow at the Norva!!!!! I heart Stellastarr*!!!


From the RNRNRW archives: the first time I saw Stellastarr* (and played pool with the Killers upstairs before thier Richmond show two years ago)

(Two years ago, before the Stellastarr* show in Richmond, we ate at Blue Cactus. We eat there most Fridays lately:)

Cutest couple award goes to...

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