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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stellastarr* is Awesome!!!

Seriously though. Stellastarr* was amazing! Jaime and I danced and danced. I just know the lead singer was checking Jaime out. She was dancing! Not just swaying and tapping her foot. She was just feeling it and dancing. She hyped everyone else up and after My Coco, everyone was jumping around and freaking out! The band was really feeling it and they showed it. They stepped it up and finished strong.

We got them after a day off, which is usually means a good performance. Also, the Norva has a hot tub and steam room in the dressing rooms, so maybe that helped hype them up.

They really put on an awesome show.

And since Jaime was dancing so hard, the band threw her one of their drumsticks! I mean, I can't claim they were trying to throw it specifically to Jaime; but, I'm convinced they were rewarding her for dancing the WHOLE show. Nice work Jamz, you deserve it.


On the drive home I had to pick up corn meal. Then get home. Whip up cornbread, reheat the soup from yesterday, eat, clean up, and head to the Stellastarr* show at the Norva:

Downtown Newport News from the river

On the way to Stellastarr*, Jaime snapped this shot of the sunset over the Coal Fields downtown:

Sunset over the Coal Fields

Sunset over napping wife:

Sunset over napping wife

We heart Stellastarr*. Jaime and I are sore from dancing so much!

Stellastarr* at the Norva, Norfolk, VA

A-mazing albums! A-mazingly good songs.

Stellastarr* at the Norva, Norfolk, VA

One of the best shows I've ever seen.

Stellastarr* at the Norva, Norfolk, VA

After the Stellastarr* show, we went over to Granby Street to Empire for a few Tapas dishes. We had Sesame Seared Tuna (just like we watched Alton make on Good Eats just hours before!)

Empire Tapas Lounge - Norfolk

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