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Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Stellastarr* Single and the IT Crowd

Ahh, I've had a lovely self-imposed spring break. Mowing and weed pulling and the first BBQ of the year. I've been painting a bit. Here's what I did Tues. during Scrubs and Less than Perfect (Tuesdays at 9:30 on ABC!):


I LOVE Stellastarr*!! It's called gushing, and that's how you do it. Every new song of theirs becomes my favorite.

Mandy the bass player sings for a good long time in the middle which I believe is a first. She's usually just back-up.

Here is the new Stellastarr* single, while it lasts:

Stellastarr* - She's Gone.mp3


Also, I've been watching this british TV show called "The IT Crowd" because I'm an IT guy and the show is about IT guys. Man I laughed a lot. It's British so it's cheesy, but the boss is really funny and the bits over the end credits are worth seeing the whole show for.

At the least, watch the first one so you get the jist of it, and then watch the fourth one (The Red Door) because that Goth guy who lives in their server room is hilarious.

Man I'd love to be cast in the American version of this (ATTN producers, I did play Nathan Detroit in my college production of Guys and Dolls. I would later marry the stage manager.)

Here they are at YouTube.com:

Episodes 1 - 5 of the "The IT Crowd" at Youtube.com

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